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Home Profile


         Having shared the family camera in the early 1980s, I started shooting family portraits at a very young age. Once I moved to Islamabad, the passion to capture the landscape developed. Later on,waterscapes attracted my eye. This resulted into an endless pursuit starting from little water brooks in the nearby Margalla hills to Deosai Plains in the North of Pakistan and to the Outer Hebrides in the north westren corner of Scotland. 

                        The passion to capture landscape and specially the waterscape is a big moving factor to keep exploring the world at large.

                        I am lucky to be working for the government of Pakistan, for it provides me many opportunities to visit various countries in connection with my official assignments. I always try to get couple of days of to capture the landscape of the country. I share these pictures with the members of my local camera club and sometimes publish the pictures as a travel piece in the leading newspapers of the country.


My Equipment and Techniques

                        I am a Canon buff. I used to shoot with EOS 1N using Fujichrome Velvia which gave splendid colour saturation and tones. However, for the last many years, I have completely gone digital. I hardly use photoshop as I take care to get it right in the first place and try to get correct focus and composition at the time of shooting. I use no color filters in my work at all. However, I use a polarizer to cut reflections and ND Grads to balance the exposure involving stark difference of light at the horizon.

                        I invariably use a tripod to ensure pin sharp focus. This is one lesson I learnt from my mentor Mr Nisar A Mirza. The moment I put camera  on the tripod ,the creative juices start flowing and I start concentraiting on getting right composition and exposure.

                        A landscape photographer should have patience  to wait for the right moment to snap the shutter.The magic moment comprising of right light and nice sky detail may take many visits to a place but it is worth the effort once the illusive picture is taken.







This picture was taken in Biz Nair, Switzerland. Dr Shaukat Malik, president of Islamabad Camera Club is in the middle. Syed Javed A Kazi president Photographic Society of Pakistan and President of Pakistan Pride of Performance Awarded photographer is on the left. Javed Kazi is my mentor in photography. I have learned basic fundamentals of photography from him. He is a real professional who always has the time and the patience to pass on his knowledge to junior colleagues. He is an icon of photography in today’s Pakistan. Some of his work can be seen on the following links:


International Federation of Photographic Art¶m=kazi〈=

Photographic Society of America

Photographic Society of Pakistan

China VIEW






Secretary General of Islamabad Camera Club Dr. Khursheed Ahmad is seen in this picture giving the opening comments at the start of Annual Members’ Exhibition of the Camera Club. Dr. Khursheed is the spirit behind the creation of the Club and its continuous growth and popularity. Dr. Sahib is a very genial figure whose love for photography overshadows everything else.




This picture was taken at the time of Camera Club members visit to Lahore. The gentleman with green cap is no other than our very own Sheikh Muhammad Amin. Sheikh Sahib is not only the Vice President of ICC but the oldest member of Photographic Society of America and one of the living legends of Pakistani photography. Some of Sheikh Sahib’s work can be seen on these links: -






This picture was taken during ICC’s members visit to Lake Zulzal near Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. Sitting left to right are Ali Raza, Javed Bhai, Askar Bhai and Jaffer Raza Gardazi.. Although they are based in Multlan, Askar and Jaffar Bhai are regular participants of the Club activities. It is a pleasure to see beautiful pictures of the the two very avid photographers. Ali Raza is my roommate since civil service academy days and a wonderful person who knows the art of making any gathering full of life and vitality.





This picture was taken during the ICC’s members visit to Peshawar to join the Khyber Steam Safari. Unfortunately, this Safari is no more operational for the past many years. Standing fourth from the right in a waiste-coat is Mr Haneef who is a great protagonist in the art of making 3-D images.





 This picture was taken during the members’ visit to Fairy Meadows. We visited the beautiful Meadows and went up to Beyal Camp which is the first staging post for climbing to Nanga Purbat. The gentleman standing in the background of the picture is Mr. Pervez Akhtar. He works for PIA but his passion for photography keeps him coming back to the Club activities every now and then.